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  • Awarded an ESRC PhD Scholarship with SGSSS.

  • Runner-up: Hope for Humanity - Images of Research 2023, University of Strathclyde 

  • Winner in Responsible Research Category.

Dressing Our Way to Extinction



From pioneering fast fashion strategies at Amazon and delving into celebrity marketing photography at Getty Images to spearheading digital revolutions. My journey spanning over two decades has converged at "Dressing our Way to Extinction." As the founder and a seasoned PhD researcher, I critically analyze gender and race representations in visual culture while also critiquing the pervasive influence of celebrities and the mimicry of consumption. I navigate the intricate intersections of media, neoliberal feminism, and identity. Our platform is more than just a community immersed in the depths of "Consuming Illusions"; we're on an ambitious mission to reframe and evolve the narratives surrounding fashion, representation, and consumption across tangible and digital domains. Join us in this enlightening journey, and together, let's shape a new vision for sustainable fashion and mindful consumption in the digital era


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Marsaili Mainz_Runner Up Images of Research, University of Strathcylde, 2023

Winner of Responsible Research Category at the Images of Research, 2023: Hope for Humanity Engage Event at the University of Strathclyde.


Dressing Our Way to Extinction

The rise of fast fashion has fuelled mass
 consumption and a thoughtless throwaway attitude towards clothing. Responding to the demand it has created, the fashion industry churns out cheap clothing at a huge cost to the environment. Our research aims to break the vicious cycle; by empowering the consumer with knowledge and the ability to reduce demand, the industry could be forced to adopt a more sustainable approach to fashion.

Image: © 2023 Marsaili Mainz.  Collaborators: Retoucher: Damian Shields. The Model Team. Main Model: Anna Freemantle

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