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MArsaili Mainz, waering hat, black dress, white backdrop

Hey! So Glad You're Here.

With over two decades in the fashion industry, my journey has taken me through the realms of photography, marketing, and fast fashion. I've had the privilege of serving as a Senior Photographer for esteemed organizations like Amazon and Getty Images in Los Angeles.

This journey positioned me at the forefront of fashion, working intimately with designers and retailers to shape and reflect trends within the celebrity market. These experiences have deepened my understanding of visual culture and the potent role of visual communication, insights that are paramount in my role as a PhD researcher today.

Now, I co-lead Dressing 2 Extinction, a dynamic digital community that delves into the intersections of fashion, media, celebrity, and female identity. My undying passion for fashion, combined with a commitment to sustainability, steered me to this research-rich territory. Through Dressing 2 Extinction, I aspire to foster a space for knowledge-sharing and innovation, all while challenging our relationships with clothing and championing mindful consumption.

As its founder, I harness my extensive background to shape the future trajectory of fashion, igniting global collaborations and sparking meaningful connections.

Join me on this mission as we stride towards a future where fashion is both sustainable and stylish, contributing to a greener planet and a more thoughtful fashion industry.

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